Decentralized cross-chain virtual world

Buy planets and solar systems, explore galaxy, mine resources,
start your civilization!

High-level overview

Each planet is an NFT as well as starships and space stations

Each planet has it’s own set of resources that can be mined by staking and then sold on the market

Each mining resource will be represented by a separate token

Planets with a high Earth Similarity Index could be terraformed in inhabited planets

On inhabited planet you can establish new Civilization with own currency

To sell mined resourced each planet should join one of the civilizations, located near it


Civilizations will be able to evolve, develop new technologies and explore space for new solar systems

Civilizations will be governed by DAOs

They will get tax from their member’s transactions to form a budget. Also there will be a small space union tax in original BYG token to cover project maintenance

Inhabited planets and cross-chain

Heart of the civilization is a inhabited planet

Land on inhabited planet will be sold as NFT to build cities, buildings and evolve population and technology

We will partner with VR projects like Decentraland, Ethernity to be operators of planet’s land market

We will introduce constellations – big space areas with many stars

Each constellation will be deployed on different layer 1 blockchain (starting from Ethereum) to promote NFT markets on other blockchains

We look for support from other blockchains to promote their NFT market

Roadmap 2020 - 2021


  • 2% - Seed sale
  • 15% - Team
  • 5% - Public sale
  • 10% - Marketing
  • 15% - Liquidity
  • 3% - Advisors
  • 10% - Treasury
  • 25% - Distributed as planet resources to be mined
  • 15% - Staking to support liquidity